Baroness Worthington article in The Guardian

Baroness Bryony Worthington writes today in the Guardian about the need to develop thorium-fuelled reactor technology as a sustainable energy resource for future generations. ┬áIn particular, she advocates molten-salt technology as being potentially a safer alternative reactor technology to present-day light water reactors. Whilst this technology has been demonstrated in test reactors during the 1960s, little work has been done since then compared to the huge investment made in pressurised water and boiling water reactors. PWRs and BWRs make up the bulk of today’s reactor fleet, with the exception of the United Kingdom where gas-cooled reactors make up most of the present fleet. China is developing a pilot molten-salt plant at Shanghai, but some hurdles must be overcome on the way to demonstrating a molten salt plant with today’s materials and safety standards.

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